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Telephone(083) 552-4086
(083) 553-9202
Ethnic/ Tribal GroupsMaranao, Maguindanao, B’laan
Teritorial BoundaryNorth: Daproza Avenue
South: Sarangani Bay
East: Pioneer Avenue
West: Silway River
DistanceWithin the City Proper


Brgy. Dadiangas WestFoundation AnniversaryJune 12


Barangay Dadiangas West with an area of 3.2443 square kilometer is one of the urban barangays in General Santos City, was created by the virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 4413 dated February 27, 1939.

The named Dadiangas derived from a thorny tree called by the B’laan tongue as “Dadiangas trees” which is very noticeable in the area. Before the coming of the settlers, few Christians inhabited the place. Built huts were seen particularly at Silway where Compania Maritima is located while vast tracks of lands were still undeveloped.Early Christians in the area who mingled with the natives included the Acharon family wherein one of them Pedro Acharon, Sr. became the mayor of General Santos from 1955 to 1959. Also the Cloma family. Coroda, Abellera, Crisostomo, Dela Cruz, Llarena, Abejaron and the Jugarap family.  On the 27th day of February 1939 at 8:30 in the morning, a historic event took place when the first batch of Christians settlers led by the late General Paulino Santos, Sr., on board S/S Basilan landed on theshore ofSarangani particularly at Silway to open the settlement project initiate by Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon. The goal is to distribute lands to the landless.

Another historic events took place when His Excellency President manuel L. Quezon and party together with his yacht “Casiana” touch for the first time the shore of Dadingas one early morning of June 28, 1939 purposely to visit and boost the morale of the early Christian settlers located at Lagao Settlement district.

Development in the place began to boost thru the supervision of General Paulino Santos, Sr. Surveying, titling and distribution of lands conducted. Schools and commercial sites in barangay Dadiangas were drawn in the maps. Pioneer avenue which was name after the pioneering batch became the center of commercial establishments.

Previous leaders of barangay Dadiangas who served as Barangay Lieutenant/Kapitan del Barrio included Mr. Cloma, Mr. Herminio Royeca and Mr. Celestino Cruz.

Information gathered from Barangay kagawad Bernardo Domantay that in December 1971 election of Barangay official took place and Barangay Captain Pedro Vinculado together with his councilmen replaced Barangay Lieutenant Celestino Cruz. Mr. Benjamin Cruz , Mr. Bernardo Domantay Jr., Mr. Dioscoro Nuñez , Mr. Sabino Clariza, Mr. Binarao and Mrs. Dolores Ibag are the councilmen

Developments under their leadership included the following:

  1. Improvement of barangay roads;
  2. Solar drier atLionBeachwhere the old public market was located;
  3. Construction of public comfort rooms at Silway Talipapa;
  4. Re-acquisition of a portion of emergency hospital site which was squat by some individual;
  5. They were able to retain an amount P72, 000 as a city’s aid to hospital
  6. Help in providing food and shelter to evacuees affected by the so-called “Blackshirt” and “Ilaga”
  7. Able to organized Barangay Tanod at North District.

In 1973, Barangay Captain Vinculado resigned to run for city councilor and he was replaced by barangay kagawad Bernardo Domantay, Jr. as the Officer-In-Charge. He served for one (1) year; was replaced by Jacinto C. Acharon for unknown reason. In 1983, Mr. Jacinto C. Acharon resigned his post to run for City Vice-Mayor and Mr. George Catapang, the number one Barangay Kagawad, replaced him. Unluckily, Mr. Jacinto Acharon lose. Mr. Jacinto Acharon again run as barangay  Captain of Barangay Dadiangas West, with him are: Mr. George Catapang, Mr. Bernardo Domantay, Jr. , Mr. Cipriano Jugarap, Mr. Felipe Cariño, Sr. , Mr. Philip T. Salarda and Mr. Jojo Mallari as his kagawads.

  1. A total of P74,000 barangay fund was appropriated  for the construction of main Phase A Bulaong Public Market ;
  2. Construction of Bus Terminal at Bulaong funded by the 20% Development fund of the city;
  3. Construction of water system at Purok Sta. Cruz, Darimco and Fatima Silway;
  4. Construction of Day Care Centers;
  5. Construction of Basketball courts at Silway, Multi-purpose buildings and reading center at Salvacion Cawa.

As the population increases and economy of barangay Dadiangas west continue to flourished and easy access delivery of services, brought the attention of the Barangay Council and in 1989 passed a Resolution No. 40. series of 1989, requesting the Sangguniang Panlungsod to divide Barangay Dadiangas into four regular barangays with distinct and separate legal personality of its own.

In response to their request, the city council on its 20th regular session approved resolution No. 90 series of 1990 creating four (4) major barangay out of Barangay Dadiangas and approved by then City Mayor Rosalita T. Nuñex on the 13th day of June 1990 for implementation.

Barangay Dadiangas West with an area of approximately 0.8046 square kilometer and territorial boundaries defined herein as bounded on the north byDaproza Avenue(formerlySergio Osmeña Avenue) on the east byPioneer Avenue, on the South bySaranganiBayand on the West bySilwayRiveras the mother barangay Barangay Captain Jacinto C. Acharon retained as Barangay Captain with his Kagawads.

The council agreed to name as Barangay Dadiangas West in favor of its first existing public school DadiangasWestElementary School.

Other InformationTopography/Terrain Characteristics: Plain

Territorial Boundary:

North: Daproza Ave.East: Pioneer Ave.South: Sarangani  BayWest: Silway RiverWithin city proper