Celso B. Sagoy, Sr.

Punong Barangay

Barangay Kagawad

Baguit S. Balunto

Paquito L. Baton

Noel A. Dema-ala

Delia B. Gomez

Roben S. Parasan

Donisa G. Mando

Arsenio C. Tol


Date of AnniversarySeptember 20
Dialect/sVisayan, B’laan
Ethnic/ Tribal GroupsB’laan, K’lagan


BarangayFoundation AnniversarySept.20
BarangayPatronal FiestaSept.29-30
Purok 3 New ParadisePurok AnniversaryDec. 4-5
Purok 4 AbtoisPurok AnniversaryJan 19-20
Purok 5 SansapanPurok AnniversaryNov.28-29
Purok 6 TaliwaraPurok AnniversaryAug. 27-28
Purok 7 Daan BanwangPurok AnniversarySept. 6-7
Purok 8 AlmatakPurok AnniversaryApril 17-18
Purok Lower LabayPatronal Fiesta/Sta CruzSeptember
NaglaPatronal Fiesta/ Sto NiñoJanuary
Upper TaltipPatronal Fiesta/ San RoqueAugust
Upper LabayPatronal Fiesta/ San MiguelSeptember


“GOSDACK” is the name given before by the (native) tribes.

Upper Labay, the name given to the barangay which means “the Flow of the river up from the throne going down”. 

In 1972, Barangay Upper Labay was like a village and it is only a sitio of Barangay Tinagacan, City of General Santos, composed of eight(8) houses only within the Sitio Proper. A B’laan tribe named “fuhlong” Calib Santiago, a tribal chieftain, donated the place.

After a year, number of families flocks from different places particularly an Ilonggo from Negros and Ilo-ilo Province, a Cebuano from Cebu, K’lagan and B’laan from Malapatan, Malungon and Polomolok of South Cotabato. They were Catholics and Protestants.

Farm to market road was not yet developed. There’s no transportation available. It was difficult for the farmer to deliver their products. They used to carry it through their carabaos, horses and cows.

In 1974, Upper Labay Primary school was being put up. It was temporarily made of light materials like cogon and bamboo. Mr. Marcelino A. Jilongo was then a lone teacher-handling multi-grade. It was also then that strife happened. There was a power struggle between Black shirt and Ilaga. After that strife, the Black shirt continue their struggles but they change their name to MORO INTERNATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT (MILF) who fought against the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The people were ordered by the AFP to temporarily vacate the place.

After a couple of months, when the place was peaceful, the people return to the place. Mr. Romeo Malid was appointed as a Barangay Captain with the other officials namely:  Mr. Calib Santiago, Mr. Orong Parasan, Mr. Baguit S. Balunto, Mario Gadiale and Mr. Domikil Maguan.

In 1976, additional 2 teachers were assigned to teach in Upper Labay Primary School in person of Mrs. Lorna F. Taberna, now retired teacher and Mrs. Maria K. Talon both assigned with an interval of 4 months within that year.

In 1977, Mr. Romeo Malid was petitioned to resigned from office as barangay captain and was replaced by a senior official.  Mr. Calib Santiago entrusted the position as barangay chairman to his only son Mr. Ruben Santiago.

It was September 20, 1978 whenUpper Labay became an independent barangay from mother barangay Tinagacan through Presidential Decree No. 80 & 85. The total population during that time was estimated to 500 to 600 inhabitants (including children) with registered voters of 363 only.

In early part of 1980’s, the people demanded for a concrete school building. Through the enthusiasm of a tribal chieftain with the support of the late mayor Antonio C. Acharon, a Marcos type building was being constructed followed by the DILG building for Grades 1 to 6. It was then that Upper  Labay Primary School became Upper Labay Elementary School.

In 1986, the first local and national election was conducted. Since it was non-partisan, all interested to run for the position may file a candidacy. It was Barangay Captain Ruben Santiago who got the highest vote and became the officially elected Barangay Captain.

In 1990’s up to the present, lots of improvement were done in this barangay with the help of the Local and National Government namely: The construction of the barangay hall, Day care Center, Concrete Road, Barangay Concrete Bridge, Electricity, Daan Banwang Primary School, Upper Labay High School, Tribal Hall Building, additional building for the Elementary, and the unfinished Mini Gym.

Presently, Upper Labay has a population of more than 4,000 of mostly farmers comprising 70%.  Furthermore, it comprises eight (8) puroks of which barangay proper composed of Purok 1 & 2, Purok 3 also known as Paradise, Purok 4 known as Abtois, Purok 5 known as Sansapan, Purok 6 known as Taliwara, Purok 7 known as Daan Banwang, and Purok 8 also known as Almatac.

Last October 29, 2007, Barangay Election was conducted. It was Barangay Captain Azucena L. Baton who was elected. The following Barangay Kagawads are: Melton S. Maguan, Angelito L. Marquez, Ruben L. Santiago, Ruben S. Parasan, Emily C. Muyso, Cenon L. Baton Jr., and CElso B. Sago. The SK Chairman Kevin S. Balunto was elected.