Abeto Ampatin Gulle

Punong Barangay

Barangay Kagawad

Edgar A. Barcelona Sr.

Rey P. Cardeño, Sr.

Cirilo V. Fuentes

Edgardo C. Barcon

Rogelio G. Miego

Sergio a. Oclarit

John L. Guymon


Date of AnniversaryFebruary 24
Dialect/sCebuano, Boholano
Ethnic/ Tribal GroupsB’laan, Muslim
Teritorial BoundaryNorth: Brgy. Upper Labay
South: Brgy. Conel
East: IBrgy. Tinagacan
West: Brgy. Mabuhay
 Distance 8 kms


Foundation AnniversaryFeb. 24
OlympogPatronal Fiesta/ San Isidro LabradorMay
OlympogSan Vicente FerrerApril
KidamEspirito SantosOctober
BalakayoBerhen Sa ReglaNovember


Barangay Olympog was formerly a sitio of Barangay Conel. Mostly the native B’laan and a few Muslim inhabited it. Olympog before was abundant with wild animals liked deers, wild pigs, monkeys, etc. that were roaming freely in the place and being near the forest of Nopol Hill.

The name Olympog originally came from the word “COLYMPOG” cogon grass in the B’laan dialect.

As early as 1945, a first Christian settler named Agripino Biscayda from Bohol came to this for tile land and wiggled with the natives.

In 1948, Mr. Biscayda was appointed by the first Mayor Ireneo Santiago to be the leader among Christian in Olympog while a certain Mr. Calib was appointed leader representing the native B’laans.

Many years passed and the population as new influx of settlers reached the place education of children is important. The school children from Olympog would hike almost 1.8 kilometers and passed Claja River before reaching the school, which is located at the heart of Barangay Conel.

Sometime in 1959, the children could not pass the Claja river due to a strong current of water caused by flash flood. Some children forced to pass but to no avail they almost ended up drowning.

The parents were afraid sending their children to school especially during heavy rains in this regard they urged Mr. Biscayda to ask Mayor Acharon a school building to be constructed at Sitio Olympog.

Mr. Biscayda seek an advice from Councilor Agustin Oclarit on the requirements to put up a school in their area, Mr. Oclarit’s primary advice is to have a school site. Immediately, Mr. Biscayda donated three hectares of land for the needed school site and an additional 2 hectares were subdivided into home lots which interested applicants paid P150.00 for the rights of 400 square meters home lots.

It was in 1969, that the local officials heard their long awaited request for school building. Two classrooms were constructed in the donated school site and in 1970 the school was opened for children entering Grade I and Grade II and an additional 2 classrooms were constructed for Grade II and Grade IV in 1971, the school was named Biscayda Elementary School in tribute to its founder, Mr. Agripino Biscayda.

It was Biscayda who served as Christian leader until the election of barangay officials in 1989 where Ms. Concepcion Lagare became the first barangay captain of Barangay Conel and this was supported by a majority of the vote cast during a plebiscite conducted by the commission on election on February 24, 1990 favoring its separation.

The separation of Sitio Olympog and its creation into a separate and distinct barangay made Mr. Ricardo M. Guymon as appointed Barangay Captain of Barangay Olympog. His set of Barangay Kagawads included Mr. Marcelo Martinez, Mr. Eleazar Cariño, Mr. Nelson Salas, Mr. Rogelio Paglinawan, and Mr. Domingo Azuelo. They have succeeded in providing the barangay with a new barangay hall building, Multi-purpose pavement, Day care center, stage and deep well.

In 1994 was -e elected as Barangay Captain Ricardo M. Guymon he won together with his Barangay Kagawads Hon. Abeto A. Gulle, Hon. Sergio A. Oclarit, Hon. Bonifacio Romanos, Hon. Felipe Masalon, Hon. Marcelo Martinez, Hon. Nelson Salas and Hon. Lucion Adeser.

In 1997 – late Barangay Captain Ricardo M. Guymon was reelected as Barangay Captain together with his Barangay Kagawads: Hon. Abeto A. Gulle, Hon. Sergio A. Oclarit, Hon. Bonifacio Romanos, Hon. Felipe Masalon, Hon. Marcelo Martinez, Hon. Nelson Salas and Hon. Delfin Amoguis and also the SK Chairwoman, Ms. Rosielyn Yguinto. And the Barangay Captain has an authority to appoint Barangay Secretary: Guadalupe Cagas and Barangay Treasurer: Ester D. Cardeño. He has also appointed Barangay employees such as 1 BNS, 9 Barangay Health Workers, 6 Barangay Tanods, 12 Lupon Members, 1 Janitor, 1 Messenger and 1 Barangay Nursery Caretaker. Last May 1, 2002, Barangay Captain Ricardo M. Guymon died of cardiovascular arrest.

Lastly, on July 15, 2002 was the election for Barangay Captain. Barangay Captain Abeto A. Gulle was elected as Barangay Captain of Barangay Olympog together with his Barangay Kagawads: Hon. Apolonio D. Amora Sr., Hon. Ruben B. Omas-as, Hon. John Guymon, Hon. Herlito Rodriguez, Hon. Estelito Cardeño, Hon. Rogelio Miego and Hon. Sergio A. Oclarit and elected Sk Chairman Marjun P. Cardeño. The barangay Captain was authorized to appoint Barangay Secretary: Guadalupe Cagas and Barangay Treasurer: Ester D. Cardeño. Also they appointed Barangay employees  such as: 9 Barangay health Workers, 6 Barangay Tanods, 11 Lupon members, 1 BNS, 1 Janitor, 2 barangay utility, 1 nursery caretaker, 1 barangay clerk, 1 SEV and 1 Maintenance of Spring development. July 2004 there are additional employees of barangay 1 maintenance of spring development and additional 1 Lupon member.