Reniel Albay Gonato

Punong Barangay

Barangay Kagawad

Genesan A. Saulon

Rafael D. Balagtas

Irvil L. Baligasa

Noel T. Bautista

Rodolfo O. Pascual

Arnaldo A. Española


Dialect/sCebuano,Ilonggo, Ilocano, Tagalog, Kapampangan
Ethnic/ Tribal GroupsMuslim, B’laan
Teritorial BoundaryNorth: National Highway
South: Sergio Osmeña Avenue
East: Roxas Avenue & Pendatun
West: Silway River
Distance1.5 kms


PurokPurok Chairman
Purok 1Maria Lourdes L. Sugabo
Purok 2Janeth Custodio
Purok 3Agnes Belgera
Purok 4Beverly Daga-ang
Purok 5Jasmin Lasconia
Purok 6Arnel P. Siao
Purok 7Pepito C. Quizon
Purok 8Evelyn Galapate
Purok 9June S. Lupman
Purok 10Felipe L. Ramos
Purok 11Winniefredo T. Padilla
Purok 12Richard Depay
Purok 13, CM RectoJed L. Villodres


Barangay Dadiangas EastFoundation AnniversaryJune 13


Barangay Dadiangas North with an area of 3.2443 square kilometers and a population of more or less 66,000 is one of the fastest growing barangay in the City of General Santos both demographically and economically.

With the uncontrollable growth of the population of Barangay Dadiangas, the peace and order problem may complicate or make matters more difficult to content with along the slack in the efficiency of the services that the barangay can render. As a solution to these foreseen problems, the barangay council passed Resolution No. 41, Series of 1989 requesting the Sangguniang Panlungsod of General Santos to divide Barangay Dadiangas into four subdivisions.

Consultations were made in line with the government’s consultative and participatory democracy and it was found out that 70% of purok officials favored for its division. To this effect, the city council passed Resolution No. 90, Series of 1990 and was duly approved by the City Mayor Rosalita T. Nuñez on June 13, 1990 creating four barangays out of Barangay Dadiangas.

The name Barangay Dadiangas North derived mainly on its mother barangay’s geographical descriptions and where the first elementary schools located namely: Dadiangas North Elementary School, Dadiangas West Elementary School, Dadiangas South Elementary School and Dadiangas East Elementary School.

The newly created Barangay Dadiangas North with its territorial boundaries defined as bounded on the north by a portion of Roxas Avenue and Pendatun Street, on the south by Daproza Avenue (formerly Sergio Osmeña Avenue) and on the west by Silway River. This shall be deemed officially distinct and separate from its mother barangay only upon the ratification by a majority of the votes cast in plebiscite. Thus, upon the approval of the Commission on Election, Manila, a plebiscite was conducted in the entire area concerned on February 24, 1991.

Out of 3,055 voters who cast their votes, 1,876 were in favor of the division/creation of the barangay while 1,179 votes were against its creation.

On March 5, 1991, the City Mayor appointed and inducted the first barangay officials of the newly created Barangay Dadiangas North lead by Barangay Captain Domingo A. Santiago and his kagawads – Mr. Renato Diagan, Mrs. Maya Sophia Mabute, Mr. Antonio Bautista, Jr., Mr. Antonio Peña, Mrs. Nena Sun and Mr. Alfredo Lising.

Existing infrastructure projects were implemented before its division. These include the construction of bus terminal and the barangay public market at Bulaong and the asphalting and concreting of various streets.

During the term of Barangay Captain Domingo Santiago, he initiated the construction of Barangay Hall through the aid extended by private sector. This was done by donating either in cash or in kind such as construction materials.

Government funded projects includes water system at Bulaong Terminal and public market: drainage system within the perimeter of Bulaong Public Market, lighting of terminal underground drainage along Osmeña Avenue to Bulaong Terminal, concreting of Jose P. Laurel Avenue. Construction of day care center in the barangay was not yet implemented due to lack of school site. This project was implemented in 1991.

As the national and local election was set on May 11, 1992, Barangay Captain Domingo Santiago filed his certificate of candidacy before the Commission on Election to run for city councilor.

On March 23, 1992, Domingo Santiago turned over his duties and responsibilities as barangay captain of Barangay Dadiangas North to Mr. Antonio Bautista as the barangay captain, also appointed by the City Mayor.

Today, Barangay Dadiangas North is still in its early stage – but its barangay officials works hand in hand for its continued progress especially in the proper implementation of development projects and the problems/cases brought to them by their constituents.

Brgy. InformationDate of CreationJune 13, 1990No. of Purok13No. of Household2,345InfrastructureHospital1Schools11Roads2 Geographic InformationTopography/Terrain CharacteristicsPlainTerritorial BoundaryNorthNational HighwaySouthSergio Osmeña Ave.EastRoxas Avenue & PendatumWestSilway RiverDistance from the city proper1.5 kmsTotal Land Area3.2443 sq km/97 hectares DemographyClassificationURBANTotal Population12,000 more or lessDialect SpokenIllonggo, Cebuano, Ilocano, Tagalog, KapampanganEthnic/Tribal GroupsMuslim, B’laan List of PuroksPurokPurok ChairmanPurok 1Maria Lourdes L. SugaboPurok 2Janeth CustodioPurok 3Agnes BelgeraPurok 4Beverly Daga-angPurok 5Jasmin LasconiaPurok 6Arnel P. SiaoPurok 7Pepito C. QuizonPurok 8Evelyn GalapatePurok 9June S. LupmanPurok 10Felipe L. RamosPurok 11Winniefredo T. PadillaPurok 12Richard DepayPurok 13, CM RectoJed L. Villodres Brgy. OfficialsHon. Honorio H. Lorica Jr.