Ana Marie L. Boga

Punong Barangay

Barangay Kagawad

Wilfredo L. Parreñas

Ruffy C. Duran

Darwin S. Ginez

Elsa M. Nicor

Andres J. Arca

Maria Victoria T. Borja

Abraham M. Tapang


Teritorial BoundaryNorth: Polomolok
South: Brgy. San Isidro
East: Brgy. Apopong
West: Brgy. Conel
Distance11.5 kms


As early as  1940s this remote area, the fifth barrio of Lagao was a small clearing in midst of forest land inhabited by animals and birds of variety. From physical count, 15 houses of settlers from different parts of the island stood in the place. The forest that surrounds the area brought about the cold climate of the place. And with the sandy loam soil, the people engaged in land cultivation out of what they cleared. Since the place lies near the klinan, thus it was called Klinan 5.

In 1940, the Japanese – American war broke out hence, driving the settlers away to evacuation centers. When the Philippines was liberated in 1945, the evacuees returned to the place and reestablished themselves.

It was not until 1968 that Klinan 5 become independent  from its mother barrio when the name Mabuhay came into existence. Historians concluded that people in the area, particularly the young ones, always find or caused trouble. Harassment and other forms of notoriety were just normal within the locality. Thus the barrio council and lay leaders decided to change its name, by passing a resolution to the municipal council, form Klinan 5 to Mabuhay which means “Long Lived”, synonymous with Peace.

Barangay Mabuhay is one of the 26 Barangays comprising the City of General Santos. It is located at its northern portion with a distance of  12 kilometers away from the city proper, bounded on the Northwest by the Municipality of Polomolok, on the South by barangay San Isidro.