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Telephone(083) 878-3991 – Doña Soledad
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Foundation AnniversaryJuly 8,1968
Kagatbu Foundation Ann.Sept.7,2011
Prk. Magsaysay BPatronal Fiesta26-Jun-11
Prk. 2 B’laan Community Vill.Purok AnniversaryJuly 29,2011
Purok AcharonSt.Petter & Paul Patronal FiestaJune 29,2011
Purok Bagong SilangPatronal FiestaAugust 5,’11
Purok Mudia VillagePurok AnniversaryAugust 31,’11
Lower Makar APatronal Fiesta/Our Mother of Perpetual HelpMay
Upper MakarSan SalvadorAugust
Doña Soledad SubdivisionImmaculate ConceptionDecember
Purok BaluntoSt. Paul of the CrossOctober
Sta. GemmaSta. Gemma GorettiMay


Barangay Labangal was a part o the Municipality of Buayan, now known as General Santos City. It was officially created by virtue of Commonwealth Act No.4413 dated February 27, 1939 an act creating a government corporation known as the National Land Settlers Administration (NLSA) and was approved by the late President Manuel L. Quezon at the same date.

Labangal derived its name from a tree known to the Blaan’s as “LABNGAL”. This tree is commonly grown in the area and is utilized by the natives as well as bakery owners as firewood. It serves also as a shade to natives and workers during noontime.

Barangay Labangal is a coastal community located along the Sarangani Bay. Barangay Apopong on the South bound it on the North by Barangay Calumpang on the west by Barangay Apopong and on the East by Barangay Dadiangas and Sarangani Bay.

Before the coming settlers, the first occupants of the place are mostly Blaans, Muslims and Tagabilis. In 1924, Olarte Hermanos, a pioneer who was granted 1,024 hectares of land opened its coconut plantation and started hiring able-bodied men and women from Bohol and Leyte to act farmhands known then as sacadas. When news of the bountiful harvest reached landless people in Luzon and Visayas, an exodus began. But it is not easy endeavor all along. The home seekers looking for a place then can call their own endured much hardship and difficulties in coming over. They traveled by ship that reaches Mindanao in about to 3 to 4 months time. The home seekers brings with then provisions like rice, dried fish, medicines and other necessities along the way.

The 1st elected Tenyente Del barrio was Josaen Bentaib (1958-1960) His accomplishment was the putting up of a market building with the funds coming from (PACD) Philippine Assistance Community Development-but due to lack of funding facilities and other necessities were not provided and the said market building was not in use. With that, the PTA officials through resolutions transferred the said building to school site and used asan additional classroom for the said school.

The next elected Tenyente Del Barrio was Antonio C. Acharon a Boholano (who become Mayor of General Santos City for 20 years and was changed during EDSA Revolution).

His term of office from 1962-1964. His most significant achievement was his leadership for the settlement in the government owned (telecom site) which today is the barrio site of Labangal. He was also responsible in the construction of barangay hall, also with the improvement of Labangal Elementary. Also the putting-up of HE building with complete with complete facilities through fund coming from the province of Cotabato. His vice barrios Liutenant are Fattah Saway, Adam Malagat, Alangan Pakit and Marcos Gujilde.

When teniente del Barrio was change to Barrio Capitan, the first become a Barrio Captain was Benigno Angot (1964-1968). His councilmen are the following; Medy Balino, Bartolome Ibanez, Noel Bernasol, Diosdado Rullete, Gregorio Dayap and Vicente Abos. His achievement was attributed to the improvement of the settlement are (telecom site) through roads. Multi-purpose pavement, he become a labor leader and become active in depending the rights and welfare f the laborers.

Next to become elected was Fattah Saway, his father was the first Muslim teacher to each in Labangal Primary School and was change to Saavedra Saway Elementary School given his honor. Due to the love and dedication of his family in education, no wonder if it is inoculated in the minds of Fattah Saway the importance of education, that he was responsible in putting up 1 classroom which now today known as Hermogenes Cahilsot Elementary School out of barangay fund. He was also responsible in putting up a police sub-station building in Makar. Next elected Barangay Captain was Eufrocino Cahilsot and the following councilmen, Severo Asunto, Celedonio Fernandez, Emilio Simpal, Wilfredo Arenez, Gregorio Dayap and Faustino Villaflor.

His achievement includes the following; construction of multi-purpose pavement, solar drier, deep well and other social infrastructure projects;

Sometime in 1982, he file a 1st petition to the Sangguniang Panlungsod to divide the barangay into two (2), but the mayor, then, the late Antonio C. Acharon rejected the petition due to the political apprehension with regards to territorial jurisdiction. It was only in 1986 through the motion of Jacinto C. Acharon (the Mayor’s brother) an ABC President that the petition was approved through an ordinance No. 31, Series of 1986)

The next Barangay Captain was Severo Asunto and his councilmen are the following; Eufrocino Cahilsot Jr., Modesto Estravello, Jose Cahilsot, Librando Rullete, Pancho Clemente and Eduardo Asugue. His accomplishment includes the following; concreting of roads, construction of multi-purpose building, construction of solar drier, waiting sheds, deep well. During his time Labangal garnered the most Outstanding Lupong Tagapamayapa given by DILG, General Santos City.

On February 24, 1991 when the division of two barangay took effect, Barangay Captain Severo Asunto transferred to Barangay Calumpang because of his residence. Avelino J. Flores was then appointed as Barangay Captain effective March 2, 1991 by then Mayor Rosalita T. Nunez. His councilmen are the following; Fattah Saway, Edgardo P. Garrido, Lucia G. Dalumpines, Francisco B. Cavan, Edgar Teniso(deceased) replace by her wife Rebecca L. Tenisoand Sammy Balunto. SK Chairman Maribel Balajadia, Barangay appointed officials Barangay Secretary Cecilia B. Cristobal, Barangay Treasurer Henry D. Ortigas.

On 1994- 1997 Barangay Captain Avelino J. Flores was put again into office and the following councilmen members; Francisco B. Cavan Lucia G. Dalumpines, Melchor B.Gepte, Antonieta R. Almonia, Fattah P. Saway, Jose P. Arroyo Juanito P. Kindat andSabina G. Castromayor, SK Chairperson Prily P. Senarillos, Appointed officials Barangay Secretary Cecilia B. Cristobal and Barangay Treasurer Henry D. Ortigas. During his term many infrastructure projects had been established. The facilities of Barangay Hall had become modernized. The communication system had been improved with the purchase of telephone, radio base and radio handsets.

Also during his term, the Labangal National High School, Balunto Elementary School, Fongolngabong Elementary School and Saludin Anas Elementary School had been put-up.

Due to the leadership and dedicated service of the Punong Barangay Avelino J. Flores, he became an undefeated leader on the 1997 Barangay Election. During his term, he received several awards and citation due to his sincere service to the constituents of Barangay. One of his awards is being a “Most Outstanding Barangay Captain of the Philippines”. The following achievements of the Barangay Council during his term were the following; Construction of 13 day care Centers, Box Culvert at Purok San Roque, 11 Water System with Overhead Tank. 13 Waiting Shed at National Highway, 9 Public Stage, 5 Multi-purpose Building, Extension of Barangay Hall, fencing of Barangay Hall, Construction of Barangay Gymnasium, Construction of SK building, road concreting at Purok San Roque, Road Concreting of Purok Bagong Silang, road concreting of Purok Magsaysay A, construction of classroom building Fencing of Day Care Centers, 1 public market talipapa, women learning center, coastal mailing center, SRA-MBM Data Board, purchase of computers, acquisition of two(2) unit dumptruck, yearly purchase of medicines to the indigent constituents of the barangay had been prioritized likewise the yearly Php 20,000.00financial aid to school and support to PNP, support to Boys and Girls Scout yearly and 35 puroks, hiring of permanent dentist, doctor, midwife and nurse. During his term also the ISWMP had been a success. The Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC). The Barangay Population Council. Barangay Project Monitoring Committee, Barangay Development Council, Anti-drug Abuse and Prevention, Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council, Barangay Peace and Order Council, FARMC had been Organize. Gabay sa Mamamayan Action Center (GMAC), Senior Citizen Federation, Women Association.

In year-2002, Barangay Captain Avelino J. Flores was put again into office and the following councilmen members; Francisco B. Cavan, Antonieta R. Almonia, Reynaldo S. Abing, Reynaldo B. Clapis, Efren A. Balabat, Kahidan P. Saway, Juanito P. Kindat. SK Chairperson Richelle D. de Dios, Appointed Officials Barangay Secretary Cecilia B. Cristobal and Barangay Treasurer Henry D. Ortigas.

He was also responsible in putting up a multi-million new barangay hall building, renovation of Makar Health Center, construction of Dona Soledad Health center, construction of road concreting at Purok Maguindanao, construction of open canal at Purok Maguindanao. Installation of microscopy center, Purchase of 1 unit vehicle for Barangay Police, purchase of 8 units computers, purchase of 10 units cell phone for barangay officials, Hiring of Day care Teachers, hiring of Barangay Police, hiring of laboratory aide, permanent Med tech, hiring of social welfare aide, Implementation of RA 9003 Ecological Waste Management, RA 9262 Violence Against Women and Their Children. RA 9344 an act Establishing a Comprehensive Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council under the DOJ. The barangay council had been very supportive by the by the Sangguniang Kabataan activities, projects and programs and development but likewise on the delivery of social services.

Now inspite of the creation of the new barangay, barangay Labangal still emerged as the most progressive and the biggest contributory income earner of the city. With the presence of the most modern government seaport in the country today and two privately owned wharf. The presence of big establishment and canning industries also provide a contributory factor toward the achievement of the area.

Labangal through the passing of generation became Labangal for easy pronouncement and was also cited by the Local Government for the numerous programs/projects due to its geographical location.

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AddressActivityDateFoundation AnniversaryJuly 8,1968Kagatbu Foundation Ann.Sept.7,2011Prk. Magsaysay BPatronal Fiesta26-Jun-11Prk. 2 B’laan Community Vill.Purok AnniversaryJuly 29,2011Purok AcharonSt.Petter & Paul Patronal FiestaJune 29,2011Purok Bagong SilangPatronal FiestaAugust 5,’11Purok Mudia VillagePurok AnniversaryAugust 31,’11Lower Makar APatronal Fiesta/Our Mother of Perpetual HelpMayUpper MakarSan SalvadorAugustDoña Soledad SubdivisionImmaculate ConceptionDecemberPurok BaluntoSt. Paul of the CrossOctoberSta. GemmaSta. Gemma GorettiMay