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Punong Barangay

Barangay Kagawad

Tessie C. Agbayani

Jose D. Paler

Rolando P. Cabarles

Nicolas A. Berongan

Samuel S. Madrideños

Rogelio B. Mascardo

Sande P. Cuñado


Date of AnniversaryNovember 5
Dialect/sCebuano, Ilonggo
Ethnic/ Tribal GroupsB’laan, Muslim
Teritorial BoundaryNorth: Brgy. Olympog
South: Brgy. San Isidro
East: Brgy. Tinagacan / Katangawan
West: Brgy. San Isiro
Distance8 kms


Foundation AnniversaryNov.5
PurokPatronal Fiesta Sr. San RoqueAugust 15
Zone 5San JoseMarch
ConelSan RoqueAugust
NopolImmaculate ConceptionDecember
NopolSan Isidro LabradorMay
UdagriSta CruzSeptember
MalinawonSan Isidro LabradorMay
NangkaMother Of Perpetual HelpJune
CalajaSto NiñoJanuary


Conel is derived from K’lanel a native B’laan word of Kalawag in Ilonggo and Dulaw in Cebuano. K’lanel or Dulaw a herbaceous plant belongs to ginger family commonly use as herbal medicine, food coloring and other uses.

On 1931, late General Paulino Santos brought 32 families from Luzon and Visayas to Barangay Conel. It is unusual for the 32 Christian families to pronounce a B’laan word like Conel instead of K’lanel. Due to the predomination of the Christians, the native B’laan never objected and shows no resistance to the mispronunciation until succeeding generations of both Christians and native B’laan adopted the word Conel.

Barangay Conel was officially declared on November 5, 1940 by virtue of Republic Act 5412 next to Barangay Lagao.
Other InformationMajor Dialects  : Cebuano, Ilongo
Ethnic/Trbal Groups : B’laan
Inbternal Revenue Allotment : P2,819,142.00
(IRA) Share (2008)
Topography/Terrain Characteristics : Mountain Range, Plain
Climate : Tropical

Territorial Boundary

North: Brgy. OlympogWest:  Brgy.San IsidroSouth: Brgy.San IsidroEast:    Brgy. Tinagacan & KatangawanDistance from city proper : 8 kms