In the early 70′s, Barangay Lagao was the mother barangay, covering a wide area in the City of General Santos. Events, both foreseen and unforeseen started to happen thus subdivision begun to exist. During the 70′s the progress in the area could no longer be avoided. Together with it were problems coming along as the population increases. In 1984, Dadiangas Heights Subdivision formed an organization called SBAKK or Samahang Bayan sa Kapayapaan at Kaunlaran headed by Mr. Voltaire Flores, Engr. Emmanuel B. Ferolino who was the chairman of the barangay separation movement.

Purok 14 interim officials came in headed by Miss Norma Salvani, Mr. Teofilo Calrisa, Jr., Mr. George Manzano, Mr. Cornelio Quetulio were Vice Presidents, Board of Directors namely: Engr. Emmanuel B. Ferolino, Mr. Charito Matutina, Jimmy L. Numos, Sr., Ludy Reyes, Andres Carillo, Moody Java, Agustin Guile and many others.

The officers facilitated the campaign for signatures with untiring assistance of some residents of different subdivisions. Engr. Emmanuel B. Ferolino did the mapping. Elected Purok officials did follow-ups as well as the so-called rib tickling and elbowing with the Barangay officials and City Councilors. The composition was strong but as the years passed by, barangay discussions and hearings were met with logical explanations but delays still occurred. During the 1990′s its by chance that Barangay Kagawad Cesar P. Lagare and Kagawad Vicente P. Garido sponsored a resolution in Barangay Lagao allowing the separation and creation of a new barangay. As a matter of due course, the city councilors conducted hearings on the separation, presided by City Kagawad Jacinto C. Acharon, Mr. Teofilo B. Clarisa, Jr. attended the hearings so with other Purok 14 officials who campaigned why a barangay must be created. They proved that the new barangay could exist financially. Kagawad Cesar P. Lagare was also there to vouch for the creation.

On March 15, 1990, the city council on its 11th regular session passed ordinance No. 10 series of 1990 separating puroks 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15 all of Barangay Lagao and eventually became a new barangay.

Other InformationMajor Dialects: Visayan/Cebuano, Tagalog
Ethnic/Tribal Groups: Ilonggo, Cebuano, Ilocano, Pampangeño, Bicolano
Topography/Terrain Characteristics: Plain
Climate: Temperate
Territorial Boundary:
North: Brgy San IsidroEast: Leon Llido StSouth: National HighwayWest: Silway RiverDistance from City Proper: 1.5 Kilometers