Alikhan Kinjiyo Bentaib

Punong Barangay

Barangay Kagawad

Noraiha N. Chio

Abdul Hamer S. Dagaban

Helen M. Pabalo

Julhari T. Moraga

Samuel L. Buday

Yasser K. Bentaib

Esmael N. Banisil


Date of AnniversaryJuly 8
Dialect/sVisayan, Maguindanaon
Ethnic/ Tribal GroupsB’laan, Muslim
Teritorial BoundaryNorth: Municipality of Malungon
South: Brgy. Tinagacan
East: Municipality of Alabel
West: Brgy. Upper Labay
Distance18 kms


Foundation AnniversaryJuly 8
Patronal Fiesta/Saint PatrickMarch 17
Purok Masagana13th Purok AnniversaryMay 26
Patronal Fiesta/Sagrada PamilyaDecember


Batomelong, one of the progressive barangays of General Santos got its name after a B’laan term, “Bato-melong”, which means sparkling stones in the area. They were fascinated and mesmerized by these twinkling objects which shattered light when strike by the sun. And so, they called the nameless Batomelong.

Tracing back history, B’laans were the first settler in the place. Before world war II, came the Muslim Maguindanaoan from now Barangay Buayan. During 1950’s, Christians started to migrate in the place.

Batomelong was first recognized as one of the sitios of Barangay Tinagacan. However, in November 20, 1990, the Sangguniang Panlungsod of General Santos City adapted Resolution No. 293 (sponsored by the late City Kagawad William N. Juanday) separating Sitio Batomelong from its mother barangay and 5 days later, it was sanctioned by then City Mayor Rosalita T. Nuñez. In February 24, 1991, a plebiscite was conducted and majority of the votes favored its separation from Tinagacan.

Barangay Batomelong is inhabited and dominated by Muslims, Visayans, and B’laans who lived in the outskirts are few in number. It is composed of 12 puroks in which 900 families are also dwelling there.

In terms of location, the place is the gateway to the entire city of General Santos (17.5 kilometers from the city proper) from Davao Province. The asphalted national highway traversed the northwest portion of the barangay and from paved highway is 1.5 kilometers away to the barangay proper and 20 minutes drive to the heart of the City. It is bounded by the municipality of Malungon and South Cotabato in the north. In the east is the Buayan River and Alabel, SaranganiProvince. In the west is Barangay Upper Labay and Barangay Tinagacan in the southern boundary.

Barangay Batomelong is primarily an agricultural area. Farming is the primary source of livelihood of the constituents. Soil type is clay loam and fine sandy loam which are suited for growing crops such as rice, corn, sorghum and other high-value crops. They also raise animals like fowls, goats, cattles and other domestic animals to augment their income.